Metal Cone Top Tins

Our cone top tins provide a green solution to packaging most viscosities of liquids, granules or powder. The cone top minimises any product waste as well as giving a point of difference in a retail environment. Cone top tins have a metal screw neck, opposed to a plastic REL or DIN berg fitment which is pressed into a hole in the top of the tin (available with spouts and other specs). To find out more about the push in plastic fitment version, please see Metal Drums below in ‘related products’.

For fuel and liquid testing, we also offer ‘Lug & Ear’ soldering, which are eyelets that are secured to the cap and container. This allows wire seals to lock the cap closed, and make a tamper proof containers for samples.


Produced in the UK/EU

Metal recycles forever

Widely recycled in UK

We are proud to offer 100% supply from European factories, without compromise on ethical practices, employee rights & safety laws that exist in some emerging markets such as China & India.  This also gives our containers a low carbon footprint.

Decoration options

Metal Cone Top Tins Ranges

  • 25mm Neck Range Min Order Format
    125ml Please enquire
    250ml (tall) 1 Pallet
    Other sizes available Please enquire
    38mm Neck Range Min Order Format
    250ml (short) 3 pallets
    500ml 1 Pallet
    1L 1 Pallet
    Other sizes available Please enquire
    38mm Lug & Ear Range Min Order Format
    1L 1 pallet
    Other sizes available Please enquire

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