Peggy Staniforth

Peggy Staniforth

  • Dec 06,2016

1923 – 2016

Peggy Staniforth joined P. Wilkinson Containers & William Say in 1958 at the age of 35.

She went from strength to strength in harmony with the business itself, eventually becoming a Co-director for Denis Wilkinson (who’s father Percy founded the company in 1930). Through the 58 years Peggy shared with us, she not only worked alongside Denis, but also his son (Peter Wilkinson, MD), and more recently, his grandsons (Garth & Stuart Wilkinson). Those that worked with Peggy couldn’t help to acknowledge she was undoubtedly an astonishing person, and a unique woman. We are proud to have been able to support Peggy in her pioneering attitude towards her work, and her never ending passion for being a career woman. We are still unaware of any other person on the planet in full time work, and in an office environment at the age of 93 (not to mention Peggy also commuted across London twice a day – and yes, she drove herself).

Peggy was a proud livery member, and typical to her fashion, actually the first ever lady admitted to her livery. She showed up many in the industry, most of which being half her age, and she will clearly always be huge source of inspiration to all those around her. We can only hope to replicate her staggering endless passion for work & life itself.

Peggy has touched three generations over the time spent with us, and will be greatly missed by all who were lucky enough to meet her.

Peggy delivering a speech to the company:


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