Soups & Veg Pots

  • Soulful Soup

P. Wilkinson Containers supply leading soups companies with a wide range of packaging solutions.

We have developed our range of products to cater for soups and veg pots. Our different packaging solutions offer a variety of features such as tamper evidence, glass clear PET or heat seals. We offer bespoke artwork options also, with printed labels and label application available onto any bottles supplied.

The materials used in these ranges are mainly manufactured in PET and HDPE plastics – some of which are suitable for hot fill, and others perform better at lower chillier cabinet temperatures. If you are unsure what packaging may suit your soups and veg pots application, then please contact one of our team for more advice – or select from one of the ranges below for more product images and information.

Soulful Soup

Soulful Soup approached P. Wilkinson Containers from another supplier, looking to order a selection of sizes of plastic pots with lids, by pallet multiples. The client requested a stockist service, where the delivery quantities are smaller and could be completed at short notice. Lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) are especially helpful to small businesses as it allows cash flow to be kept free.

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Soulful Soup selected 280ml, 600ml, 670ml pots and lids and we have supplied this packaging range to them since 2012. As we hold stock and offer smaller MOQs, we can accommodate an irregular ordering pattern from Soulful Soup, every 1-3 months.

The Soulful Soup pots can be purchased at Tesco, Amazon Fresh, Co-Op, Whole Foods and Costco.