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P. Wilkinson Containers supply leading pet & equine companies with a wide range of packaging solutions.

We have developed our range of products to cater for treatments, shampoo, soap, food/feed, treats and supplements. Our different packaging solutions offer a variety of features such as tamper evidence, durability, clarity and strength. We offer bespoke artwork options (IML & labelled) printed with digital presses on a selection of label substrates.


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The materials used in these ranges spread through PP, PET and HDPE plastics, aluminium and tinplated steel – some of which are suitable for wet environments, and others are very durable for impact. If you are unsure what packaging may suit your application, then please contact one of our team for more advice – or select from one of the ranges below for more product images and information

Services used

Arden Grange

Arden Grange came to P Wilkinsons Containers in need of plastic dog food measuring cups for dry cat and dog pet food.

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Wilkinsons supplied a clear 520ml Unipak IML (in mould label) Dog Measuring Cup and 155ml version for cat food.  The label is moulded into the side wall of the pot, and measuring lines are also printed within the mould. This is important because with contact with the dog and cat food, surface printing can tarnish or fade over time. On this pot print wont tarnish or rub off even when it goes into hard pet food over and over again.

Pets Corner

Pets Corner supplies cat and dog treats, in varieties including Ships Cat Prawn, Hooked Salmon & Kelp Biscuits, Hooked Prawn Bites, Crispy Fish Skin Jerky, Hooked Fish Fingers, and Hooked Salmon Jerky Biscuits. The client came to P Wilkinson Containers to provide branded pots and lids for cat and dog treats.

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Wilkinsons supplied 120ml, 280ml and 520ml polypropylene pots. We also sourced and supplied clear backed digital printed labels so that the product could still be seen inside the pack, in multiple designs, and supplied on reels. Final packs were selected from a range of off-the-shelf pot sizes to keep minimum order quantities low.