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P. Wilkinson Containers supply leading industrial & chemical companies with a wide range of packaging solutions.

We have developed our range of products to cater for water & solvent based paints, varnishes, solvents, resins, polyurethanes, waxes, pastes, fillers & coatings. Our different packaging solutions offer a variety of features such as folded & printed side seams, tactile warnings, bespoke sizes, non standards or UN approval.

We offer bespoke artwork options (IML & labelled & printed) in order to create and promote your brand. We also offer embossing on many of our metal products.


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The materials used in these ranges spread through tin plated steel, poly coated steel, PP, PET, HDPE and Co-extruded plastics – some of which are suitable for aggressive solvents, and others give perfect product clarity. If you are unsure what packaging may suit your industrial or chemical application, then please contact one of our team for more advice – or select from one of the ranges below for more product images and information.


EndoTherm is an energy saving liquid additive which can be added to any wet based central heating system. It is accessible to any homeowner with a wet heating system who wants to decrease their annual heating bills and the impact can be seen almost immediately with a typical return on investment of 6-12 months. EndoTherm is verified by the Eenergy Saving Trust as an effective energy saving product and has been accredited by independent third parties including the University of Central Lancashire. 

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EndoTherm also holds the award for Regional Winner of Shell Springboard Award and Double Finalist in the Energy Awards 2018. It is developedmanufactured and packaged in the UK and has been installed in thousands of commercial and domestic applications UK and Europe wide. 

Wilkinsons Containers provide EndoTherm with the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle they market the liquid additive in. HDPE is a durable type of plastic that is renowned for its strength. As well as being stronger than PET plastic, HDPE is impact-resistant, lightweight and flexible – and it is able to withstand colder and freezing temperatures very well and higher temperatures moderately well. 

While not as clear as PET plastic, HDPE bottles and containers can be translucent so you can to see your product inside the bottle. The P. Wilkinsons’s EndoTherm bottle has been designed with a visible clear strip down the side of bottle so customers can easily see how much liquid is left. The design also features marked measurements along the strip.