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P. Wilkinson Containers supply leading biscuit & cookie companies with a wide range of packaging solutions.

We have developed our range of products to cater for oaties, flapjacks, cookies, shortbread, and biscuits. Our different packaging solutions offer a variety of features such as tamper evidence, high clarity or premium closures. We offer bespoke artwork options on plastic (IML & labelled) printed with digital presses on a selection of label substrates, as well as litho options onto metal.

The materials used in these ranges spread through PP, PET and HDPE plastics, Tinplate and Aluminium – some of which are suitable for wet environments and others for durability. If you are unsure what packaging may suit your biscuit and cookie application, then please contact one of our team for more advice – or select from one of the ranges below for more product images and information.


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Biscuit Tins for Liberty London

Liberty London was looking for a high-quality finish for its popular biscuit brand. P Wilkinson Containers provided a biscuit tin that featured a bespoke label – an uncoated paper label with foil embossing which complemented the brand and artwork design.


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Frank's Biscuits Each tin, manufactured at our London factory using solar energy, also featured the ‘Made in London’ mark and ‘Metal Recycles Forever’ logo. The recycling logo is a reminder to consumers to correctly recycle their packaging, that is if the beautiful container ever makes it that far, as many are kept for sentimental and second life uses.

Previously in a cardboard tube with metal end caps, now packaging in one material, will enhance the customer experience and make it easier for recycling. There was a tight turnaround on this project, but we were able to offer the bespoke labelling service which allowed us to produce packaging with a short run time.

Ben’s Cookies

By manufacturing these tins in our UK factory (William Say), we were able to give Ben’s more control over quality and consistency compared to waiting many weeks from the far east. We also re-designed outter packaging to aid Ben’s internal processes & save double handling.

Bill’s Resturants

These Oaties tins were nominated for the UK Packaging awards. Manufactured by our factory (William Say) in the heart of London, these printed slip lid tins are embossed with the Bill’s logo on the lid. We also created 3D visuals prior to production in order to help initial retail pitches.

Gail’s Artisan Bakery

These golden lever lid tins were manufactured in our factory in London (William Say), after which we applied a very high grade paper backed label complete with bespoke printing and foil blocking. This limited edition tin sold out through its Christmas launch in London, and we were proud to have ‘William Say Tin’ listed in the Gail’s product name.

Cutter & Squidge

Cutter & Squidge responded to consumer demand for post-able cakes by designing a cake tin, suitable for national delivery. Single tier cakes can now be sent in a white coloured cake tin featuring a detailed embossed design, with the idea that both the cake and the tin are gifts. The selected tin is a metal slip lid tin measuring 176mm in diameter by 75mm tall.

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The Gift of Cake

The Gift of Cake approached Wilkinsons as a start-up small business selling cake made from local ingredients. They wanted to send customers their cakes delivered in beautiful British-made gift-packaging and due to the nature of the contents – baked goods – they needed something both durable and stylish which would maintain freshness. The Gift of Cake also wanted to use packaging suitable to be used as a high-quality keepsake, which recipients would be able to re-use again at home.  

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Wilkinsons supplied The Gift of Cake with large 176mm diameter x 75mm tall slip-lid tins, coated in white lacquer on the outside, which are held in stock for them, and supported with small volume. The Gift of Cake was also the first client to select a debossed base on that size of cake tin. The stock colours we carry for slip tins (i.e., William Say products) include white, copper and gold, which helps smaller companies develop a premium feeling product without over-committing to large orders. Copper/rose gold is also a popular choice for customers at The Gift of Cake.   

Tipple Tails

Tipple Tails is a small bakery business based in Yorkshire, making a range of miniature fruit cakes – and as we all know, fruit cake is a winner for longer shelf life, especially when stored in the right sort of tin. As the Tipple Tails philosophy is all about taking the time to do things well, we were happy to consult on finding the perfect packaging solution for these fruit cakes, laced with unusual and award-winning flavour combinations.  

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Wilkinsons recommended individual small fruit cake tins, 127mm x 95mm tall slip-lid tins, coated in white lacquer on the outside. Tipple Tails were very keen to keep packaging production in the UK, and our slip-lid tins are manufactured by our factory (William Say) in the heart of London.