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P. Wilkinson Containers supply leading Antibacterial & Sanitiser companies with a wide range of packaging solutions.

We sell a wide range of bottles and jars that can be used for gels, liquids, cleaners, foams other antibacterial and hand sanatiser products. Especially 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2.5L and 5L. Our different packaging solutions offer flip caps as well as bottles that are suitable for pumps and trigger sprays. We offer bespoke artwork options on plastic bottles, and label on site.

The materials used in these ranges spread through PP, PET and HDPE plastics. If you are unsure what packaging may suit your antibacterial and santiser application, then please contact one of our team for more advice - or select from one of the ranges below for more product images and information.


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Throughout the COVID-19, we have made sure that we always have bottle stocks that are suitable for transporting alcohol and ethanol based antibacterial and hand sanatiser products.

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COVID-19 has given enormous importance to plastic bottles that are suitable for transporting stanitiser and alcohol gels. We are prioritising the supply of these bottles to anyone producing sanitisers, in order to help fight the spread of the virus. Same day dispatch and same day collection has also been made possible on occasion to support the NHS, and in particular, the Nightingale Hospital in London’s Excel Center. If you are filling sanatiser and require bottles then please speak to one of our team.