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P. Wilkinson Containers supply leading adhesives & sealants companies with a wide range of packaging solutions.

We have developed our range of products to cater for adhesives, resins, glues, sealants, mastics, fillers, polyurethanes, and also two part products. Our different packaging solutions offer a variety of features such as folded & printed side seams, tactile warnings, bespoke sizes, non standards or UN approval. We offer bespoke artwork options (IML & labelled & printed) in order to create and promote your brand. We also offer embossing on many of our metal products.

The materials used in these ranges spread through tin plated steel, poly coated steel, PP, PET and HDPE plastics - some of which are suitable for aggressive solvents, and others give perfect product clarity. If you are unsure what packaging may suit your adhesives & sealants application, then please contact one of our team for more advice - or select from one of the ranges below for more product images and information.


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Bostik has been a longstanding customer of P Wilkinson Containers since 1998 and we’ve provided a range of packaging materials for their smart adhesive range.

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These include lever lid tins with a special embossed warning label on the side which is tactile for consumers. It is also an important design feature for users with partial or no sight.

Lever lid cans are ideal for glues and adhesives because they have a virtually airtight lid fit allowing them to extend the product life, whilst keeping a traditional and premium look. Our lever lid tins are produced at our Bermondsey site by sister company, William Say, using solar power.

Bostik’s smart adhesives feature smart bonding technology allowing them to adapt to all kinds of surfaces and materials and perform under most demanding conditions, it is therefore essential that the packaging material continues to provide this high-level of performance.

We’ve also supplied Bostik with metal pails, metal drums and oblong tins which have featured both plain designs and bespoke print options.




Chemfix’s Metolux Liquid Pourable is a two-component polyester mortar for crack repairs or can be used as an alternative to fix threaded rod or rebar in a concrete floor, stone or plain brick. Its key benefits include the ability to fix rods in solid supports; fill cavities and difficult access areas; it’s easy to apply and has a high mechanical and psychical resistance.


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For Metolux, P Wilkinson Containers has provided various sizes of unprinted lever lid tins with bespoke packing and labelling, plus a plastic overcap. The product is available in 5kg or 1kg containers.



Resiblock is the leading provider of paving sealant and covers a wide range of products suitable for domestic paving, paths, driveways, patios or larger scale commercial projects such as aircraft apron, theme park or high street paving area.



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Each product is designed with simplicity in mind and comes with detailed instructions and application guide and will clearly label if product is suitable for asphalt, concrete, clay, stone or tarmacadam.

P Wilkinson Containers has provided oblong tins with inbuilt plastic pull out spouts for products such as Resiblock Superior Natural Matt, Resiblock Superior Gloss, or Indian Sandstone Sealer Colour Enhancer. The inbuilt spout ensures the product is easy to use for end-users helping to reduce spillages.

These tins offer optimum usage of space both on pallets when shipped and on the shelf in either stores or when at the home of end users due to their rectangle shape. The oblong tins are also approved to transport dangerous goods by the UN.

As well as oblong tins, P. Wilkinson Containers also provides plastic jerrycan poly bottles made from HDPE with tamper evident caps such as the Resiblock Trade Paving Sealer and plastic buckets designed with a tight clean lid fit.


Terraco has a variety of floor finishing options in its Floor Coating Range these are suitable for a variety of demanding applications including workshops, car parks, cold storage and food processing facilities, showrooms, assembly halls, warehouses, aircraft hangers, industrial plants, engineering workshops, heavy traffic areas, and sport flooring surfaces, and landscaping systems for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.


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P Wilkinson Containers provides a ten litre plastic and wipe bucket.  The wipe bucket lid is used in an innovative way to package a two-part floor coating system, allowing both the hardener and the resin to be held in the same container.

The additive is held in a bag within the bucket and held in place by the lid. Users simply open the bucket, empty the additive into the wider container with second part of the mixture and mix together.  By using this wipe bucket lid, this has reduced the packaging needed to ship this product which was previously sent in two separate containers. This in turn has reduced packaging waste and saved costs.


Services used

SML Paints

SML Paints and Coatings specialises in marine, decorative paints and protective coatings suppling customers from Scotland to the Channels Islands serving commercial operators including ship builders, boatyards, dry docks, lesiure fleets to individual tradespeople on smaller vessels.


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P Wilkinson Containers provides metal lever lid tins for its SNL’s own brand paints – each is printed silver underneath and features a bespoke digitally printed label which is then hand-applied at our site in Bermondsey.

These tins can be found on the CU-Pro Antifouling 5L tin, a paint designed with a commercial grade biocide to give an improved performance on yachts and leisure boats or on the 2.5L Bilge Paint – a fast-drying bilge paint, primer or finish coat that protects steel giving excellent water, diesel, and chemical resistance.