Expanding range of PET juice and smoothie bottles

Expanding range of PET juice and smoothie bottles

  • Jul 23,2021

The global smoothies market reached a value of around US$ 14 Billion in 20201 and at P. Wilkinson Containers, we’ve been delighted to welcome three clients in the market for juice and smoothie bottles.  

From these three new ranges of drinks bottles now stocked at P. Wilkinson Containers, we support the packaging needs of Bedish, Court Lodge Yoghurts and a protein-based drink company located in Cornwall. 

All three of these juice and smoothie product ranges make use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles; lightweight, durable, recyclable bottles which, thanks to the material’s chemical resistance, preserve natural juices and smoothies, including protein ingredients. 

The juice bottles, which range in size from 125-500ml, offer a range of modern and traditional styles with strong shelf appeal which draws consumers. 

Bedish  juice bottles are available in a small 250ml for a single portion, and a 1L ‘family’ bottle to keep in the refrigerator. Bedish selected their bottles from the Nectar range (also available 500ml) which ensures their natural fermented juices remain preserved. Bedish also uses our 220L open top blue drums for mixing smoothies.  

Court Lodge Yoghurts use 250ml and 500ml PET bottles from the “Fresh Juice Bottle” range for their Organic Pouring Yoghurts. . 

The 1L, 500ml and 250ml ‘Sqround’ PET juice bottles have also been a great solution for an egg-based protein drink client from Cornwall (St Ewe Free Range Eggs) for their protein heavy Super Egg Whites: 100% pure liquid egg white. ‘Super Egg Whites’, a liquid egg white product, required a bottle that would safely store pasteurised egg whites with no need for refrigeration whilst sealed. The bottles are ideal to add to a protein packed smoothie or just to drink straight out of the bottle after a workout. 

Expanding range of smoothie and juice bottles

PET and rPET (recycled PET using PCR material) bottles often have a low carbon footprint – data from Austrian company ALPA shows that rPET products result in 79 per cent lower CO2 emissions compared to new material. PET and rPET bottles are a great choice for the circular packaging economy, where consumers can put the juice bottles into their plastic recycling collection, to be recycled into rPET material before becoming new bottles. 

In choosing PET bottles, our clients are increasing the probability that consumers will correctly recycle their bottles and that they can form part of a circular loop for re-use. For brands looking to make their product packaging more sustainable, and to encourage their customers to be engaged recyclers, the PET bottles deliver on all fronts – environment, practicality and aesthetic. 

Our full range of juice and smoothie bottles can be found: https://pwcon.co.uk/product/juice-bottles-pet/