Commemorative tins fit for a King!  

Commemorative tins fit for a King!  

  • May 03,2023

Wilkinson Containers and William Say deliver a range of high-quality, beautifully art-worked Coronation tins for The Royal Collection Trust, Waitrose and Daylesford 

P. Wilkinson Containers (PWC) and William Say, the UK’s leading family-run packaging experts, today announced that it is supplying a range of Coronation tins for The Royal Collection Trust, Waitrose and Daylesford.  

The three separate commissions – each offering their own unique look and feel – boast immaculate artwork and high-precision colour matching. The Royal Collection Trust and Waitrose orders integrate seamlessly with their respective existing Coronation ranges.  

Commenting on the announcement, Stuart Wilkinson, Sales and Marketing Director at P. Wilkinson Containers and William Say, said, “We are delighted to partner with the Royal Collection Trust, Waitrose and Daylesford to supply beautiful, high-quality tins fit for the royal occasion!”  

Waitrose’s Coronation shortbread and tea tins feature attractive, vivid colours set against a solid cream colour and bright bunting.  

Daylesford’s commemorative tea and truffle tins have a more playful feel, due to its ‘cartoonesque’ illustration of his Majesty King Charles III.  

The Royal Collection Trust’s traditional commemorative tea and shortbread tins are instantly recognisable as the official royal brand, thanks to their solid blue background and intricately designed, embossed royal coat of arms. The tea tins also feature a ‘Metal Recycles Forever’ deboss on the base.  

Stuart commented, “All three projects required a rapid turnaround, so we had to get creative with the approvals process. For Waitrose, we produced swatches of the solid cream, background colour on our small, on-site machine and secured rapid client sign-off that way.  

“For the Royal Collection Trust’s, securing approval was more complicated, due to the intricate design and multiple colours featured in the royal coat of arms motif. So to produce a sample, all the CMYK colours needed to be laid down on top of each other and printed onto the correct material on the printing press. 

“Our solution was to take the client to our print partner’s site for a day of trials at the printing press. Our printer ran samples until the client was totally happy with the results and we could send the job to print. Again, this approach was successful.”    

The second challenge – common to all three clients – was cross-industry collaboration. PWC’s sister company, William Say, supplied the tall, thin tea tins but the large shortbread tins were supplied by one of the company’s industry partners. Thanks to its close, long-standing working relationship with that supplier, PWC again delivered spot-on colour consistency across the product lines. 

For the Royal Collection Trust’s order, there was a third challenge. For the first time, the client wanted the wraparound print design to be embossed by William Say. Achieving exact embossing and design alignment requires perfectly matched data files and machinery with minimal tolerance for staggering. William Say’s state-of-the-art technology and the profound expertise of its team enabled it to rise to this challenge too.  

Stuart commented, “We are proud to have delivered high-quality commemorative tins that fit the exacting requirements of the Royal Collection Trust, Waitrose and Daylesford, including the tight deadlines! Our state-of-the-art technology, meticulous attention to detail, profound industry expertise, close industry partnerships and can-do approach all combine to make our tin product offerings a compelling proposition.  

“All the tins we produce on-site – in this case, the tea tins – are manufactured based on solar energy. This – and the fact that tin is an infinitely recyclable material – means that our tins win the vote on aesthetics, quality and sustainability,” he added. 



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