500ml Trigger Spray Bottle

We are offering these white PVC trigger spray bottles and large discount. They are suitable for any number of uses, and are still in sealed cartons. Please contact us for more details on these bottles.

Product Information
Capacity 500ml
Neck size 24mm
Material PVC Plastic - White
Units per pallet 2,100
Quantity (up to) 20,000
Price per part pallet (ex works, ex VAT) 15p each
Price per pallet (ex works, ex VAT) 10p each
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1580ml Clear Pot

We have these Clear 1580ml Pots available to buy per pallet – all sealed and ready to be shipped. They are suitable for hot or cold food use. Please enquire for more details if required.

Product Information
Capacity 1580ml
Neck Size/Diameter 133mm
Material PP
Units per Pallet 918
Quantity Available 11,000
Price per unit (ex works, ex VAT) 24p
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100ml Clear Pot

These small clear pots are available to buy per carton or pallet. Please enquire for more details if required.

Product Description
Capacity 100ml
Neck Size/Diameter 71mm
Material Mono PP
Units per Carton/per Pallet 2,400/60,000
Price per Unit (ex works, ex VAT) 15p
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28 x 12 Seamless Base + Lid

These Seamless Bases and there Lids ( 28mm x 12mm) are available to order by the carton, ideal for smaller applications. Please note these are raw edged and not suitable for children. Enquire for more details or samples if required.

Product Description
Neck Size/Diameter 28mm
Material Metal Tinplate
Units per Carton 2000
Price per unit (ex works, ex VAT) 15p for Tin and Lid
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Euroso Can Opener

These can openers were originally designed to be used to open Lever Lid tins, they can also be used as a bottle opener – ideal for the World Cup and beer bottles.

Product Description
Units Available 7,800
Price per Unit (ex works, ex VAT) 20p
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10L Keg

We have surplus stock of 10L Plain Kegs, these do not have a handle attached and are available by the pallet. Please enquire for more details

Product Description
Capacity 10L
Diameter 292mm
Units per Pallet 168
Quantity available 900
Price per Unit £1.00 each
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Other clearance items

We have many other clearance items spanning across a number of product ranges. If you would like more information on these then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

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