What types of Printing do we offer?

Litho Printing (Metal & Cardboard)

This is still the highest quality of printing, and is used on all items that are printed in sheet form, including all tins produced in our production facility (William Say & Co – Litho printing does require printing plates which are charged per colour, per component, per design. Sensible economic minimum print runs normally equate into the 000’s or 10’s of 000’s depending on how many units are made from one print sheet.

This is the highest quality, and most economic option for higher volumes run lengths.

Digital Printing (Metal, Cardboard & Labels)

Digital printing allows for unique designs to be printed one after the other without need for printing plates, this lends itself very well to promotional products, shorter runs or marketing campaigns.

Screen Printing & Flexo Printing (Specific items only)

These two types of printing are only available on a very small amount of dedicated lines & only work for very simple designs. Predominantly one of the other options above will be used in most cases, however if one of these two economic options are available we will make you aware.