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P Wilkinson Containers Ltd and William Say Ltd are committed to managing their operations in a responsible manner that minimises potential environmental and health impacts and ensures: 

  • The use of renewable energy from our own Solar Farm.
  • A focus on local sourcing. Using manufacturing partners that produce finished goods within the UK & Europe.
  • The use of permanent materials like metal, which has a recycling rate of over 70%, and recycles forever without loss of quality.
  • A focus on recyclable & recycled materials. Using Polymers that can be recycled, while also increasing the use of PCR (recycled content) in the production of plastic items.
  • Compliance with environmental legal, regulatory and any other environmental requirements subscribed to e.g. industry standards, customer standards, expectations and concerns etc.
  • Identification of all significant environmental hazards resulting from its operations and the implementation of procedures required to minimise risks to the environment and prevent pollution. This includes:
    • Conservation of resources and energy
    • Proactive management of waste to:
      • segregate waste types; 
      • store waste to protect and,
      • deal with waste in accordance with the waste management hierarchy i.e. in the following order of priority: re-use; recycling; recovery (including energy recovery) with safe disposal as a last resort.
    • Protection of natural ecological systems

The policy shall apply to all P Wilkinson Containers & William Say personnel, contractors, part time workers and assistants who shall be employed or under the control of P Wilkinson Containers & William Say. All relevant parties shall be made aware of this policy and the specific environmental risks and procedures relevant to their areas of operation.

P Wilkinson Containers & William Say will communicate this policy to members of the public or other interested parties on request.