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P. Wilkinson Containers Ltd recognises the direct impact that packaging materials and their manufacturing processes have on our environment. We also recognise that packaging classed as ‘not fit for purpose’ arguably has a greater impact on our environment (especially in retail food stuffs).

Our supply and manufacturing processes always consider the environment where possible. If your business has a strong environmental policy, then we can help to supply the most sustainable packaging solutions.

If you would like to know more about how we achieve this just read our environmental policy below.

Environmental Policy Statement

P Wilkinson Containers Ltd and William Say Ltd are committed to managing their operations in a responsible manner that minimises potential environmental and health impacts and ensures:

  • Compliance with environmental legal, regulatory and any other environmental requirements subscribed to e.g. industry standards, customer standards, expectations and concerns etc.
  • Identification of all significant environmental hazards resulting from its operations and the implementation of procedures required to minimise risks to the environment and prevent pollution. This includes:
  • Conservation of resources and energy
  • Proactive management of waste to:
    • segregate waste types;
    • store waste to protect and,
    • deal with waste in accordance with the waste management hierarchy i.e. in the following order of priority: re-use; recycling; recovery (including energy recovery) with safe disposal as a last resort.
  • Protection of natural ecological systems

The policy shall apply to all P Wilkinson Containers & William Say personnel, contractors, part time workers and assistants who shall be employed or under the control of P Wilkinson Containers & William Say. All relevant parties shall be made aware of this policy and the specific environmental risks and procedures relevant to their areas of operation.

P Wilkinson Containers & William Say will communicate this policy to members of the public or other interested parties on request.

The P. Wilkinson Containers Solar Farm covers the expanse of the majority of our roofing across our 3 acre site, and it feeds directly into our power supply. This now allows us to produce clean power, by the sun, and even by a full moon.

Our Solar power is able to power everything from fork trucks, to our heating – not to mention our affiliated factory William Say & Co.

So next time you get an email from us, remember the computer that sent it is powered by the sun.